What’s good everyone. Life is good on my side never felt better maybe because I decide to stop trying to please everyone. So the other time me and mum went for the meet-the-parents session. I’m amazed at how my teacher actually describes how I am in class, she said I’m jovial and I’m always the one that brings the class together. You guys know how much that means to me? A LOT! Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places. So I’m thankful to be where I am right now even if it’s only the start. Life has many chapters for us; one bad chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end of the book. So Imma keep my head up for the challenges I’ll be facing. oh! and since I got lots of time to spare I shall start skating back. Till then,

Much love, Azlan.R

School just started few days ago, Made friends with my classmates on the 3rd day of school, Everything is fine for now, and further more the group i hang out with are NSmen’s and the way they want things to be done is just like me. Each one of us is aiming 3.5 and above, and its only the 1st week of school. That hunger to challenge each other is there, but still at the end of the day we still help each other, I definitely felt the bond within us, but I’m doing this not only for myself, I do it for My Mum, My 3bestest(HerrizalAshriqinFarhanis), My CactusRuckus, BAM(BrothersfromAnotherMother) and LittleLamb. Reason why is because I  always felt that i have everything, I always have this amazing people but something I dont have which they have is education which is important ever since my journey of National Service started, every new person always question me, ” what is your education level? ” and I certainly felt that dissapointment when I said I’m a Nitec drop-out. So all this past experience have change me a lot, and further more someone tweeted “If he wants it, work for it & don’t talk much” , again this thing got me thinking for a few days, If I really want this I have to work hard, no time to slack anymore, It’s either now or never. Someone once said this to me ” At the end of the day you may not be the best bboy in your crew, but if you study hard, you will be someone who earns alot in your crew ” Thank you CA(RhythmicStylezCrew) for sharing that with me. That’s all for now, will update anytime i am free, afterall i started school already(: I thank everyone for being there with me through out this journey, My family My3WonderfulBestfriends My CactusRuckus My BAM, RhythmicStylezCrew IsyaRahim SaftiMtl, last but not least LittleLamb <3 .

Much love, Azlan.R

So lately things have been quite good for me.I’m not sure why but things between me and her have changed. I love the way things are right now. Just so you know my heart still waits for you, but my mind told me not to. Because I know all you want is for us to be just a friend, But sometimes I wish I had never met you… because then I could go to sleep, not knowing there was someone like you out there. But I made you a promise. To be there for you no matter what, and even if the feeling kills me. Atleast Its for someone I love and that is you.

Much Love, Azlan.R

As much as I want to tell you that I love you so much, I know that you will never feel the same for me. So tell me why am I still here for you? Because a girl like you is impossible to find, I know how much you still love him, That’s why I want you to forgive and forget and give him another chance. Put aside your ego for once, This is your life we’re talking about, You’ve been crying alot lately, and you know how hurtful i am to see you this way. All that tweet’s lately, yes! I was talking about you, because i hate myself, for falling for you again. As much as I know you just want us to just be friends, i still fall for you all over again..

So I was checking some emails and came across Aisyah old emails, All I know losing her really force me to learn to not take things for granted, and she even mentioned that ” Please. Take good care of someone you love. ” So tell me, Should I still care for someone who don’t give a damn about me? I don’t know what else to say to you my dear. I love you so much, that much even if you ask me to give up bboying, I will. I guess you will never understand how I feel … right?

That’s about it, I guess.. Sigh.. Much Love, Azlan.R

I enjoyed talking to you, We can talk about anything. Talking to you makes me happy, I don’t want to stop, but I have to. Honestly I can’t let feelings fade. I have been telling myself that I’ll be fine. I would rather be friends with you than to lose you. I lied! I can never see us as friends, I give up on this 1 month ago. But someone told me not to, cause she said something was growing, and I give it another chance, cause maybe things will change? But I was wrong…

Another chapter complete, serving that 2 years was tough. While I was with Aisyah, I AWOL-ed a couple of times, mum cried, fall sick and even beg me not to do that. My action was stupid, I did not know which was right and wrong, cause I was blinded by love. Only god knows how much I love Siti Aisyah, But we both know it’s better if we just let it go.

I know you say, ” If you quit, I’ll quit too “, Silly! Don’t ever give up your dreams just for someone. I want to see you improve, keep practicing keep believing. Cause I have faith in you, You can do this without me, Whatever people say just prove them wrong, Only you know your true self, take care, always remember Im here for you, anything just give me a call, I miss you alot my friend.

I decide to just walk away from everything, and just be alone for now. I know for some they actually need me, Im sorry. But I just have to do this.

Much Love, Azlan.R

So things are working out quite fine at the moment. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, Had my first cupcake made by Ms.Whistle herself, it was the best cupcake I ever had, and cupcake is certainly Way better than flowers! Beside’s that I received a letter from my Close Friend, read it again while I was at home. It was sweet, YES! i cried, cause things has not been quite right for the past few weeks, and things like this rarely happen, and thank you _____. that is all i need right now, something to motivate me again.Insyallah everything will be back to normal, Cause I love my life back then, No other commitments! simply just me.So there’s this guy, who check on my tumblr, and laugh at me cause #KNUCKLEWAVE named her “whistle”! This was suppose to be a top secret, and now everyone know’s about it, even her.. Fuck my life right? Le Sigh* I swear things will be awkward starting from now, especially coming from a Sagittarius! So 8 more days to ORD, 2 more months to Nitec! I shall not dissapoint anyone this time, Insyallah! Everything will turn out fine, just the way i plan out. So that’s all for now, will update on the day I ORD, 12 more hours to seeing them, the happy pills.

Much Love, Azln.R

( Its completely easy to attract someone’s attention by doing something, But try to attract someone’s attention by doing nothing. )

Here goes my first update for 2012.

It’s been a month since I last update this tumblr, since then many things had happened, and It’s been a month since I last met my Best friend “Herrizal“. I miss him so much, but with my schedule this way, it’s impossible for me to just leave things the way it is, I really don’t know what to do actually. Le Sigh*

Since ORD is around the corner, I decide to apply for Apr Intake Nitec. It will be pretty hard due to O’level students but Insyallah I get what I want which is Mechatronics, I always wanted Mechanical Tech but Mechatronics seems so cool! And I met this girl, #KnuckleWave name her Whistle. So Whistle is 17 years old looks like Chinese Indonesia but she’s purely Malay I guess :/ and she know that I’m into her so hopefully this one turns out fine.

And dearest best friend ‘ Herrizal ‘if you ever read my tumblr, please give me a text? Or call? I miss you, I know I say I’ll be down on the 200112, But I was at my mum’s work place and the following day I went to JohorBahru . I really miss you, I need you, I got lots to tell & share with you. So please give me a text…  sincerely from your best friend Azlan Roslan.



How was Australia? BORING!, Because the place I went to had nothing at all. Even the R&R. But it was a good experience tho, So I’ve been to Taiwan and Australia, Prolly Bali next for holiday(: While I was there, Bestest Farhanis was with me through out my free time, Woke up at 1am(aus timing) just to webcam with that silly girl! I have to thank her for everything. My life walks between two different worlds now, I always look forward for the weekend to spend time with Sheeq,Fate and Farhanis. I love you three and nothing can change that!

To you If you ever read this, I don’t quite understand what you want, I gave you the cold shoulders but you insist to talk to me, and when I decide to be nice and talk to you, You decide to go with your bitch side and ignore me! I had enough with this attitude, So i will let everything go! FYI I don’t care about you anymore. Whatever happens to you now, I won’t be that dude to text you saying ’ ARE YOU OKAY ’ . So goodbye missy.

Like I said My life walks between two different worlds now, and I don’t think I need someone like you..

Much Love, Azlan.R

So I just woke up, slept at 0530hrs to wakeupcall that Beautiful Friend of mine, then off to bed. Now what make things worst is, Im flying off tomorrow. I just came across Bestest Fate Tumblr, I know he was up to something when he followed me, and I was right, He tumblr-ed about me! How sweet is that! I realise all this is making sense now, Slowly my life is fix-ed, and I admit everybody changed, we all need a better self, a better life. So I have NO girlfriend and lots of bestfriends, MeSheeqFate are getting more closer, we love each other! Spending every bits of our time together, It wasnt this way back then, But I guess we are better off this way, Being single and only have your own bestfriends to love you, well! thats us, thats what makes our friendship special! not to forget my new bestest, her name is SeriFarhanis or Anis. This girl here, has always been there for me, and yes! Eversince Me&EXgf decide to walk a diff path, This girl has been my FoodTaster! From NutellaBananaCrepe’ to ChickenAppleMayoPitaBread . I admit I love her! and I need someone like her, cause she always make me smile with her sillyness! So anis if you happen to read this, I repeat knowing you is not because I want to know your bestest syahirah, but because I need someone like you. To CactusRuckus, I may not be the best crewleader to you, but you know im trying, I wont try hard to impress you, but i promise through out our journey together, I will show you the love of brotherhood, just like how I love RhythmicStylezCrew.

Wondering why AZLAN is posting this right? cause Ive not been myself for so long, Ive been on the low eversince EXgf called it off, But with this guys in my life, I know I’ll be stronger then ever! I don’t need to worry about a girl loving me back, cause I have two girls who love me for who I am, and I love them alot! So EXgf if you happened to read my tumblr, Guess what! I love my life, The only reason why I keep bugging you past few months is because, I tried holding us together again. But you decide to be with him, and all the best with him. I know you both will do great! Best wishes to both of you, and Beautiful, I’ve done my part, I confessed and that’s that. If you want to know how I feel everytime I see you, WELL! You have always gave me Premature Ventricular Complexes. What is that? Go figure alright, like I said I’ve done my part.

Alright guys, few more hours to Australia! Wish me all the best! hope I survive for this trip, Takecare! Much Love, Azlan.Roslan

Oh! and to Ms.Aries, It was nice seeing you the other day, So was it love at first sight? or should I walk pass you again(;

Till then, see yall at the end of Nov!!